New CodeScout™ AX1500 OBD-II

Have you ever turned on your car’s ignition to find the red “CHECK ENGINE” light has blinked on? Unless you are an automotive mechanic, chances are you won’t know what the problem is until you take your car in for service. Driving around with the check engine light on can jeopardize both the engine of your car and your safety. Now, AutoXray, the manufacturer of diagnostic scan tools for professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers, has developed a tool specifically for consumers. The AutoXray CodeScout™, enables those with no previous mechanical experience to quickly and easily determine their automotive problems.

The new AutoXray CodeScout is the company’s first foray into the consumer marketplace. Simply plug the adapter cord into the automotive diagnostic port—usually found under the steering column—and in seconds CodeScout will tell you in plain English what has triggered the problem. You can then determine whether or not the problem can be fixed easily at home or if a trip to a professional technician is required. If the problem does warrant a trip to the service station, you will already know what problems exist, protecting you from unnecessary repairs. The CodeScout will also run a check to show if your vehicle is ready for an emissions test. It will alert you to problems and enable you to troubleshoot them, providing peace of mind before the testing.

By using the CodeScout, consumers will finally be empowered with the knowledge of what’s wrong with their vehicle and how to fix it.

The AutoXray CodeScout is available to consumers through automotive retail chains with an MSRP of $199.99 making it an affordable alternative to expensive trips to the repair shop. CodeScout can be used on vehicles from 1996 to current model year.

Just like all AutoXray products, AutoXray CodeScout will be available at major retailers nationwide or at

AutoXray, Inc. is a leading provider of effective, affordable diagnostic equipment to both amateur and professional automotive technicians. AutoXray's flagship products, the EZ-Scan line, use proprietary software compliant with the latest standards, including the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol, and are upgradeable via the Internet to easily accommodate changes. Approved by the EPA for Inspection & Maintenance programs and used during the EPA certification process, AutoXray's technology, functionality, and compact design have garnered the Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award for three years in a row, and the company was recently honored with a “Top 20 Tools Awards” from Motor Magazine. AutoXray is also a pioneer in developing a line of diagnostic tools in Spanish to reach the Hispanic market. Further information is available online at

CodeScout AX1500



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